Hello world!

I started this blog just in case I start a project that people will actually want to read about.

If your bored check out my XDCC Offer program at https://github.com/baudsmoke/XdccOffer written in python3.

XDCC Offer is a program that watches games, movies, books, applications, and audio CDs and provides two methods of search, web site and Internet Relay Chat.  Its main advantage is the website interface that sorts the sources by channel (instead of one long paged list) and it can be run on a retail shell account. It has a built in web server with editable pages and CSS to make custom web jobs.  XDCC Offer avoids the need for exploitable webservers and programming. Thousands of XDCC searches are executed every day.  An example website is http://www.xdccfinder.com. XDCC Offer improves on all other XDCC search engines out there, showing only the information needed, does not use a database, no JavaScript, no setup of any other software (100% self suffecient).

Other search bots do not search the complete packet list thus resulting in unfound searches. Comparable search bots only list a number of results not infinite results like a web search. Uses no JavaScript and is supported by all browsers. Also pages may be index by google and other search engines.

Not that bored you say? Click the XDCC Link for further reading.